Free Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Tattoo art is considered a very ancient form of body decoration. The images made by inserting special coloring agents into the skin have been used as decorations, identification marks, and deterrents for a very long time. The peoples of Asia, Oceania, the Indians of North and South America tattooed their bodies to emphasize the belonging to a particular tribe, occupation, or belief. The heroes of Ancient Rus used to get themselves tattooed too. Many dukes had fully tattooed bodies including faces. They did it to intimidate enemies. Nowadays, a tattoo is, above all, a means of expression and a way to demonstrate individuality.

Since the tradition of tattooing encompasses several thousand years, there are so many types and styles of it that only a professional craftsman sometimes can classify them. Thus, if you want to get a tattoo, you need to consider a lot of things and make very important decisions concerning a tattoo subject and its style solution. There are loads of pictures of tattoo designs, but you should get the one that will be the best for you. Firstly, you may choose several sketches that present your tattoo subject in our collection of pics of tattoos. Then, you need to choose the tattoo style that is the best for you. It is very important to decide the way your tattoo is to be done because the same drawings look completely different in various styles.

If you want to get a tattoo inscription, you should avoid phrases in unknown languages. There is no guarantee that these words carry only the meaning that is familiar to you. Try to choose the tattoo that would look good on you when you are both twenty and fifty years old. You also need to decide on what part of the body you would like to have the ink. On our site, you can find the information about tattoo styles and the gallery of free tattoo designs that may turn very useful for you. The photos of the most popular original tattoo designs and the way they look on each part of the body are also available on our website.

Nowadays tattoo is a very popular way of the body decoration among men and women. There are many tattoo drawings that look good on the body of both male and female. However, many tattoo designs are usually divided into the tattoos for men and the tattoos for women.

The most common male tattoos are the images of predators and heraldic animals. The tattoo pictures of lions, tigers, wolves, rhinoceroses, bears, eagles, dragons, and unicorns are used to emphasize strength, determination, courage, will, and power.

Skulls and skeletons are also considered popular men’s inks. This tattoo design is not only a reminiscent of the inevitable end of life but is also believed to be a powerful amulet against death.

Celtic and Slavic signs, runes, the signs of the zodiac, and inscriptions are also widespread tattoo designs for men. Males also like to get tattoo inscriptions. In most cases, such inks are the sayings of famous people and are written in Latin.

The most common places for men's tattoo are the back, shoulders, arms, and forearms. Unlike females, males like large tattoos because they have a higher pain threshold than women. Females usually get pretty inks that are barely noticeable. Such small tattoo ideas seem sophisticated. Women prefer tattooing the neck, arms, and legs.

One of the most popular tattoo designs for girls is an image of the butterfly. Made by a skilled craftsman, the ink with a butterfly may look like alive.

Flower tattoos that help creating the image of tenderness and femininity are also a very popular way of female body decoration. However, while choosing a floral ink, ladies should remember that each flower has a particular meaning.

Inscriptions that transmit some important messages such as memorable events, dates, and phrases are very popular ink images among women. In most cases, such sayings are completed with the pictures of hearts, angels, or birds that symbolize love for a man or family members.

When you choose a tattoo, it is important to remember not only about the message it carries. The most important thing about your tattoo is the beauty and originality of its design. It does not matter if it is an inscription or a picture; whether it is done on the back or the arm. Your tattoo should express your inner world and show your personality. Only in this way can you get the coolest tattoo that will make you unique. The tattoo pictures that are available on our site will help you create a unique body decoration that is perfect for you.