45 Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs

When it is about the Asian countries tattoos, dragon images come to mind. A dragon is the main character of the Asian tattoos. In various cultures, the same image can have different meanings. The Chinese dragon tattoo designs are a very special thing to discuss. In the mythology of ancient China, the dragon is described as a being composed of several non-mystical animals. A dragon head was in fact borrowed from the images of a camel, its horns are taken from a deer, the eyes from a rabbit (though some say they come from a demon). The dragon’s ears are taken from a bull and its body and neck from a snake. Its claws look like an eagle’s. A dragon has a tiger’s paws and its barb and scales from a carp.

45 Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon Images in History

In the countries of the East and Asia, the dragon is a symbol of positive and creative power, a creature that is sympathetic to people. It has a supernatural power and commands the forces of nature: air, earth, fire, and water. For this reason, the golden dragon is the emblem of the Chinese imperial family.

A traditional Chinese dragon tattoo design for men and for women has already become a classic. A Chinese style dragon which is extremely popular at the moment shows all the importance of the Oriental tattoo culture and its influence on the tattoos of the West. In China and Japan, a dragon is a symbol of the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind), as well as the East, West, South, and North. It is at the same time a symbol of the underworld, the water, the earth, and the sky.

According to the legends, dragons ruled the four elements mentioned above. Therefore, each element’s dragon had its own characteristics. The Chinese believed the fire-breathing dragon to be associated with rain and lightnings; it symbolized fertility. A water dragon was believed to be a guardian and a protector of the lakes, streams, and rivers.

Chinese Dragon Tattos

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Currently, we can see a number of pictures of dragons that depict their various virtues and vices like their divine protection or monstrous destructive power. A Chinese dragon tattoo meaning depends on certain aspects and varies subject to the part of the body you choose for it. A dragon tattoo is a symbol of magic and nobility, as well as the power of transformation and great imagination, persistence, fidelity, and the ability to think out of the box.

The art of tattoo depicts Chinese dragon images as a sign of might and strength, as well as magical power and spiritual qualities.

What makes the dragon tattoo so popular and always relevant? Their colors and boldness are exactly what people love about these designs. There are thousands of pictures and designs that may be modified into a creative and very personal drawing. Isn’t a Chinese dragon sleeve tattoo the most impressive thing ever? Or what about a mesmerizing 3D dragon on your whole shoulder? The one thing to keep in mind is the fact that an Oriental dragon does not have wings and looks more like a snake unlike a Western dragon with a long neck and bat-like wings.

At the same time, a Chinese dragon is much more than a huge creature that resembles a snake. As we have mentioned, a dragon is a symbol of the four elements which are neither evil nor good. As wind or fire, water or earth, a dragon can be both cruel and kind. Even though the dragon tattoos are usually colorful and bright, a tribal dragon design, for instance, often combines red and black colors. A Chinese dragon is often black or of different shades of grey.

Like many other phenomena of the Oriental culture, the dragons were associated with yin and yang notion. In China, the dragon always represented a positive male principle or yang. The creature brings rains in the dry season, protects waters and fertile lands. The owner of a Chinese dragon tattoo is supposed to be a strong and just person. Such an image can be a protection from any evil forces and thoughts and can guide a person on the path of truth and justice.

Those who are about to have a dragon tattoo should consider that

  • a black Chinese dragon is a sign of respect towards the elderly people and parents;
  • a red Chinese dragon symbolizes love and passion, family and children protection;
  • a blue Chinese dragon is peace and harmony;
  • a golden Chinese dragon is a symbol of wisdom and soft-heartedness.

The Chinese dragons are quite often combined with other creatures in the tattoos. The tattoo lovers prefer a dragon and tiger design, as well as those with a phoenix, a hieroglyph, or fire. You may browse the Internet to see a huge gallery of pretty cool designs to take as the basis for your personal drawing.

A Place to Have a Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Since we have established the meaning of the dragon tattoos, it is better to pay attention to the place where the picture can be tattooed. The tattooists note that the best pictures are obtained on the largest areas of the body: back, hip, chest, shoulder blade, as well as on arm or forearm. That’s when the body turns into a real canvas and it is possible to create a great painting with lots of fine details and slightest nuances. It is better to avoid places like a leg where it is quite difficult to express the magnificence of the mythic creature. Depending on the area of the body, you will choose the optimal size and style of the tattoo. Remember that the dragon posture matters:

  • If the dragon is lying down peacefully, it shows the emotional balance and tranquility of its owner.
  • If the dragon rushes upwards, its owner is a person of a positive attitude and good intentions.
  • Be careful if the dragon flies down because its owner may have bad intentions.

Men usually choose dragon tattoos to demonstrate their power, dominance, and rebelliousness. Aggressive fire-breathing dragons with a grin are very suitable for men and their character. As for women, they prefer dragons to show their independence and bravery. Certain additional elements they use make the dragon tattoos quite feminine that demonstrate love or antipathy, family values, and the owner’s personal qualities. A fairy tattoo design is quite popular among the females. Small Chinese dragon tattoos for women have already become a sheer classic and are one of the most popular designs all over the world.

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