55 Fox Tattoo Designs

Charisma is a powerful weapon you can enhance with the cute fox tattoos on your body. A fascinating predator, the little red fox is looking in the eyes for a second and then turns into a little devil and fights the offender back without a single scratch. Clever and fearless, a cunning little fox is aware of its worth and will never ask for help from a human. Such a wild energy has become a great inspiration for various styles of the fox tattoo designs.

55 Fox Tattoo Designs

Cute Predators in the History and Mythology

The myths of various continents and countries associate these beautiful predators with something clever, cunning, self-centered, and lonely. Very often, the fox becomes an anti-hero. But there are exceptions to the rule, like a Japanese fox. In Japan, a fertility goddess, Inari, could turn into a fox. Dionysus, the Greek god of wine was able to become a fox (this god could as well turn into other animals). In general, the stories about fox shape-shifters are common among people, especially in the Eastern cultures. The fox was also a symbol of sexuality and femininity.

55 Fox Tattoos

Who Prefers Fox Tattoos

Fox tattoo meaning is many-sided. It will for sure add a bit of spice into your life. As a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and well-being, the foxes are popular with businessmen and entrepreneurs. In the Nordic countries, the fox symbolizes cunning and deceit. Femininity and sexuality are also among the main symbols of the fox image. So alluring and desirable, the fox remains so lonely and inaccessible.

It is known that foxes are of different colors and species. We got used to the images of the most common red fox. But there is as well a black fox which looks severer. A tattoo with such a fox acquires more oppressive and atmospheric aura. The doctors and priests of Ancient Egypt had a black corsac fox tattoo on the wrist as a sign of great respect. Sometimes there are white foxes with round spots on the body. They are so funny and friendly that the image of these predators will add a bit of zest for life and grotesque to the tattoo’s meaning. A small fennec fox is so charming and cute that no lady will be able to resist its magic. If we consider the fact that this little fox lives in the deserts of North Africa, it becomes quite obvious that the symbolism of such tattoo emphasizes on the elegance, stress-resistance, and “out of the box” type of its owner.

A grey fox is one of the best tattoo ideas for those who want to stand out from the crowd. This fox is very different from its counterparts in appearance. It is very petite, delicate, and austere, but it has a huge bushy tail, pointed ears and a calm, self-confident snout. Its color it is very exotic. It looks like a grey and white coat is over its bright red fur. The tip of the tail is black, and there is some sort of a mask on the snout of the animal which makes it look like a little bandit. A grey fox tattoo fits confident and creative people capable of reckless acts.

Selecting Your Sketch

If you have decided exactly that you need a fox tattoo, you only have to choose your sketch. But how does one choose it? What style does one prefer? Well, everything is quite simple. The main rule is to focus on what you like yourself.

For example, a tattoo of a fox that you liked may be a little changed by a painter so that it is absolutely unique. You can find a ready-made sketch on the Internet. And it would be legitimate if the fox you have chosen as the tattoo is a cartoon (The Fox and the Hound, for instance, is quite popular), movie, story, or game character. The best option is to get a tattoo on the basis of a picture created for you personally. The pictures are usually created by the tattoo artists or the tattooists themselves. According to the tattooists, the clients usually prefer realistic pictures and use a photo of the animal as the sketch. Fox tattoos are quite popular in other styles, as well.

A watercolor fox tattoo design or a drawing style tattoo is an extremely elegant solution. The image is either very gentle as if a watercolor painter has just touched your shoulder or your arm with a soft brush or very distinct and precise as if a diligent tattooist had checked every single dot to create the perfect tattoo for you.

Meaning of the Fox Tattoo

A fox tattoo in Chinese style. The Chinese believed that these animals were a symbol of luck and longevity. For men, the fox tattoos were a talisman for a long life in happiness. The fox was a negative symbol for females (insidious love that breaks the families). The longer the fox lives, the more powerful it becomes, the more tails it gets. A 9 tailed fox depicts protection from unrequited love. A nine tailed fox would as well keep from bankruptcy.

The Japanese fox tattoo is a symbol of wealth and fertility regardless of its location. Japanese people worshiped the animal and believed it to be a messenger of God. Fox tattoos are popular among businessmen. The Japanese style of the tattoo also means that a person is self-improving, developing the powers of observation and moral courage.

The Celtic fox is a symbol of wisdom and honor, as well as knowledge. It guided the fallen warriors into another world.

For the Indians, a tribal fox tattoo was a protection of all humans without exception. A fox was a sacred creature which helped to find medical herbs and taught to hunt. A good hunter and fox tattoos were quite a match in various tribes.

The Nordic countries (including the Scandinavians) believed a fox to be a symbol of nature awakening and new life. The fox was to help the newborns and mothers-to-be. That was the animal of the doctors and occult fortune-tellers. An image of two foxes in the form of a bracelet is a sign of intuition.

The Peruvians thought that foxes could control human mind. The predator symbolized mind, strength of a warrior, and courage. In Korea this animal was associated with feminine appeal and procreation. According to the Romans, the fox was evil.

Fox Tattoo Peculiarities

The fox images look great in black and white designs, as well as in geometric tattoos. The predator looks extremely beautiful in orange and red colors, with a big and bushy tail. The cartoon images are very interesting to look at as well.

The tattooists advise to first choose the part of the body and after that the sketch you like. The fox on a hand, arm, or shoulder blade looks really cool. You may choose the sketches for a tattoo sleeve and make your entire image absolutely awesome and original.

Keep in mind that the animal’s look and posture defines the whole meaning of the tattoo:

  • emphasis put on the snout of the animal symbolizes curiosity;
  • it is smartness if the tail is emphasized;
  • a grin is a symbol of devil’s tricks or aggressiveness;
  • animal’s eyes are narrowed: ingenuity and artifice;
  • the animal’s body is beautifully curved: sexuality and seducement;
  • the predator curled up: vulnerability, the desire to run away from the cold and peril.

According to the statistics, fox tattoos are mainly suitable for girls. Though men use fox tattoos to change the circumstance the way they need. For men, it is better to choose unusual positions of the animal like a kung fu or karate move. The males should avoid foxes with beautiful body curves and emphasize the grin as a sign of strength and ability to fight back. In men, the foxes can be a symbol of fidelity because foxes choose one partner for the entire life and die alone if the partner is gone.

As for women, a fox tattoo is a symbol of seductiveness and foxiness. If a girl is quite shy, a fox tattoo is not quite suitable for her. A bright and foxy, clever and persistent, a little capricious, charismatic and sexy is the female who fits a fox tattoo. A fairy style tattoo and an old school small fox looks classy as well. A small tattoo behind the ear, on the neck, as well as two symmetrical fox heads between the shoulder blades show to advantage. A fiery fox head looks very delicately on a finger.

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